Monday, June 13, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to feel sorry for yourself, something like this comes along

I've never been an overly spiritual person, but I've always believed in fate.
This little squabble with cancer and back surgeries has only reiterated that.
I haven't had a lot of jump the past few days. My energy is low. At first, I tied it to battling a cold. Now, I'm thinking that I'm just worn out from the rehab -- I've made huge gains, but there's still much to go and it can be hard at times to rationalize that.
I had real trouble getting going this morning, but, with the help of cohort Susie Culp, I dragged myself to the pool and did my 45 minutes of walking back and forth, back and forth.
I came home, starting paring down my FOLLOWING list on Twitter like I routinely do and came across this Derek K. Miller guy. I remembered that he had cancer and was blogging about it, but I hadn't checked in on his blog in awhile.
I did, right here.
It quickly made me feel less sorry about my physical condition, although I'm jealous about the writing and the ideals.
Give it read. It certainly will make you think.

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  1. Steve,

    I am grateful you told us about Derek Miller's final message (I recall a post from long ago, after he contacted you). How stunning it is to read his last blog entry. I am moved beyond words. I can only imagine how he felt as he wrote those final words. His words to the love of his life are lingering with me as I type this. What a terribly difficult situation for a young person to go through, yet he brought so much dignity to life by sharing his thoughts. You as well as he have provided readers with many things to ponder. It's been impressive and expressive, sad and poignant, and always so real and human. Thank you ever so much. I am proud and grateful to know you. BEN