Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dreaming and scheming: Cancer plus Carson equals bringing tumour talk to the forefront

I had a dream about Paul Carson last night.
Carson, the man best known for repeatedly amassing top-notch on-air talent for the longtime Lower Mainland TV phenom Sports Page, died last December after an 11-month battle with pancreatic cancer.
In my dream, we were at a football game at B.C. Place. He was sitting in a row behind me. We exchanged stories about our cancers, and he let me go on and on about my Solitary Plasmacytoma.
I've never been very good about defining my dreams. Heck, one night in my head I had Jessica Biel, with a bikini and a machine gun, chasing after Carol-Ann and I. What could that be about?
This one with Carson, though, seems to have an easy-to-read meaning.
In the midst of the back operation that saw two titanium rods and 15 screws inserted in my spine and subsequent surgeries for the infections that followed, we've pushed the cancer to the back burner.
Dr. Robert Lee, our spine surgeon, has been openly concerned about going back to radiation too early. And, considering the care he's provided, I trust him more than I trust myself.
We've done 20 of a scheduled 25 radiation sessions already, and the plan is to talk to our radiation-oncologist Dr. Jim Morris in the coming weeks. Assuming that they want to finish off the radiations, it'll be starting from scratch, since all the markings they had on my back had been torn away by the surgeries.
As for Carson, I didn't know him particularly well. I did have great respect for his ability to assess talent, and one of my all-time favourite stories at the Province was putting together the Sports Page team for one brief interview and photo shoot in 2008.

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