Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh snap: Cancer rehab takes hit with rod break

Part of the reason that I've scaled way back on posts is that it felt like every time I hyped up good news something bad would follow.
Yep. Here we go again.
Dr. Robert Lee just informed us after looking at an x-ray that one of the titanium rods placed in my back after Solitary Plasmacytoma blew up my T-2 vertebrae has snapped.
The macho part of me is pleased that I tore up the titanium. The part of me that is tired of VGH and wants to get Carol-Ann back to real life is gutted.
At least we know why I've been experiencing shoulder pain the past few days. The consensus had been that it was from amping up the rehab sessions.
Dr. Lee did say there is research that backs not replacing the rod if the other looks strong. The fact that I'm not the first person to break a titanium rod in his back makes me feel a little better.
He wants to meet with other surgeons.
By the's Carol-Ann's birthday today. I certainly planned on getting her something better than this news.


  1. Steve

    Keep up the battle. Your strength during this helps more people than you know.

    My Dad lost his battle on Thursday Jan 13. Or as I like to say "It was a tie, they both lost"

    No need to post this, just wanted to send you a personal message of encouragement.

  2. Steve, you a a man of steel (literally) you can snap bars in a single thought. :) Wishing you a fast recovery. Hugs to Carol Ann for her birthday and I hope to see you both out this spring on the field. Angela (aka Avery)