Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another surgery on cancer comeback trail and that's no bull

Let's try to make this quick.
Went to GF Strong. Improved initially, but then left leg stopped working. Sent back to VGH for MRI, but it found nothing. Back to GF. Didn't improve. Back to VGH, had surgery. Took out broken rod and drained fluid. Also took out "good" rod, which was bent. In their place, Dr. Robert Lee went with four rods, doubling up on his construction at the lower part of the spine.
Got that? Good.
It is a massive step back, but somehow Carol-Ann is staying positive and I am trying to follow her lead. We will be at VGH until early next week, Dr. Lee hopes, and then try GF again. It is hard to believe that this all started with a Solitary Plasmacytoma in the T-2 vertebrae and has since led to seven surgeries, including two major back ones.
We are still having fun. We got to talking about rodeos with Dr. Lee, a Brit, and somebody joked about me riding bulls, much to Dr. Lee's chagrin, considering his most recent handiwork.
To be frank, I am a big wuss. Carol-Ann brought up me being afraid of donkeys, after watching one donkey put the boots to another donkey at 108 Mile a couple of summers ago.
Lee's response? "But you're not a donkey, Steve."
Little does he know, of course.

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