Friday, February 11, 2011

Wonky workout leads to getting the word out on women's hockey with Province colleague

I had an awful rehab session today at VGH. I had trouble accomplishing the most routine of tasks set out by my therapist, Ann, in my battle to come back from a second major back surgery brought about by a Solitary Plasmacytoma tumour.
How will I respond? Like any 40-year-old going on 14, I am going to lash out and pick a fight.
Tony Gallagher, one of our rock star columnists at the Province ( has a resume and rolodex any sports writer in this country would covet. I know I've dropped his name with hockey people in the past to win favour.
Tony's take ( on Canadian women's hockey coach Melody Davidson being undeserving of a spot in the Canadian Olympic hall of fame, though, is off base to me.
Tony maintains that women's hockey is a two-team event, between Canada and the U.S., and Davidson's crews have only needed one substantial victory for a gold medal.
No dispute here.
What I do argue is that set-up makes Davidson's career all the more impressive. The second-place team in women's hockey at the Olympics loses gold, rather wins silver. An entire four-year cycle comes with those expectations, that pressure.
Men's hockey has a bull's eye on it, obviously, but they aren't also together for four-year stretches. They also get other chances at the spotlight, which must lessen the pressure for some players.
And, frankly, so what that Canada demolished the majority of opponents during Davidson's reign? Being really good at something is such a bad thing?
I know that I've stepped in Tony's line of fire. He can be as hard-nosed they come. Hopefully for me, he remembers I have CANCER. (Yes, I am a still playing that card.)

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  1. I'm not going to debate the (de)merits of women's hockey with you, but I like the feistiness I read in your tone. Especially after a bad rehab session. You know, considering the fact that you've attained a certain level of notoriety in Vancouver, can you transfer over to Celebrity Rehab? I think having to share a room with Leif Garrett, Tom Sizemore, etc would be just the motivating factor to speed up your recovery. Now if you could share a room with Rachel Uchitel or Amber Smith....well, let's just leave it at that. Pitchers and catchers are out in the sun and on the grass - hope you will be soon.