Friday, December 17, 2010

Camping out in VGH for Christmas

Only in my dreams, I'll be home for Christmas.
Dr. Robert Lee confirmed this morning that I would remain in VGH for at least the next 10 days. Carol-Ann, my wife, and others, say that they had figured on that for the past few days. My walking is nowhere close normal following last Tuesday's surgery to boot out the infection that was the aftermath of a surgery seven days earlier to put two titanium rods and 15 screws in my faltering spine.
That, of course, was a side effect of the Solitary Plasmacytoma that had camped out in my t-2 vertebrae. Ah...the good old days.
At some point, I'll need to go to GF Strong for rehab. I've met some of the people there, and they seem top notch.
I'll keep you up to date...


  1. Steve,

    We spent a week in the hospital over my daughter's 5th birthday as she battled with her new cancer diagnosis. She had her cake and party there - the whole thing. It was definitely a birthday we will never forget.

    She has been cancer-free for over 3 years now and that birthday is long behind us.

    Rest assured, after you put this Christmas in the hospital in your rearview mirror, you'll spend your following Christmases in the comfort of your own home or the home of your loved ones. Soon, this year will be nothing but a memory.

    My thoughts are with you this holiday season. Stay strong, my friend.

  2. Steve:

    You are in my dreams, big guy. Thinking of you and Carol-Ann. Wish you weren't spending Christmas in VGH - but know that you're surrounded by lots of love - and, hopefully, chocolates!



  3. The one positive out of this is that you're closer to your friends in Vancouver, which means more visitors and even more support!

    We'll come by and visit one of these days... if that's ok with you?

    In the mean time... take good care of yourself!

    We're thinking of you,

    Gina & Andrew

  4. Take care of yourself Steve, all the best.

  5. You know how often you and I talked WHL and Giants hockey.I always love your take on championship teams and the type of players needed - big, tough, courageous,skilled players with a terrific compete level. The 07 Giants MC team so perfectly typified those requirements!

    Steve in your current battle you are so admirably demonstrating these same qualities! Your skill as a writer, your courage in facing this, your toughness in battling it and your daily compete level are literally "off the charts"!! You will "champion" over it.

    I know many, myself included, are expressing comments to encourage you, but your journey is as much an unbelievable encouragement to anyone reading it.

    I want you to know my wife Eve and I are praying for you, Carol-Ann, and your families.

    Bill Wilms

  6. Have fun at the airport, man.
    Ever since they jammed some titanium where my OE (original equipment) hip used to be, trips through the scanner have been a carnival. I've been patted down more times than Shortie's had to stand through national anthems.
    But my walking did return to normal (except for stumbling out of Vancouver's finer beverage rooms at sun-up with Bomber. Ah, the good old days.)
    There's no reason your walking won't return to normal, either. Rehab is a very relevant and positive experience when it comes to this stuff. Mere words will never truly describe what it feels like to get your life back after something like this.
    You're just the guy to be able to tell us when it happens.
    I should know, coming off full cardio-arterial bypass grafting a couple of years ago. I'm living, breathing, walking, talking proof you'll come through this and be better for it.
    Despite veiled attempts from various admin levels to dismantle our public-health system, acute-care delivery and the folks on the floor are still doing an excellent job, especially at VGH.
    I've been riding a bicycle around the lake and slaying single-track in the Eastern Slopes (Rockies) for a couple of years now. Skiing too.
    It's all good. Just like you're going to be when you get through this.
    In the meantime, pop in one of Mercer's Christmas cassettes or CD's and shine.
    Sorry it took me so long to find your blog. Will check in regularly.
    And say hi to Howard for me. His Detroit Lions still need his help.
    P.S. -- LaRüde is my nom de plume on the OSHL Blog. Check us out for a cheap chuckle