Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeling crappy makes me scrappy: Still ailing from the T-2 tumour but ready to battle

Good morning. Seriously.
I'm done feeling sorry for myself.
Oh, the snow has been coming down for hours here in New Westminster, and anybody who's been in the Lower Mainland for any period of time knows that the most moderate of dustings can snarl traffic. Instead of leaving an hour before radiation, we're shooting to leave a full two hours ahead.
My chest feels like King Kong Bundy is splashing me two or three times in a row and before picking me up and flinging me over to Billy Jack Haynes, who is then snapping on his notorious full nelson. (Shameless old-school pro wrestling plug.)
Somewhere along the past few days, I've developed a hacking cough, and, despite the best efforts of an ice bag last night, my right knee feels wonky. (That's a shout-out to former Vancouver Giants' trainer Cory Cameron, who complained that I used wonky way too much to describe injuries during his tenure with the WHL club.)
And you know what? I feel feisty. I really want to have a good day and do what it takes to get better. It's Radiation No. 18, and we're going 25. We're closing in on getting better and helping people
I really want to battle. Ron, Carol-Ann's dad, is picking me up to today and I bet we'll have a wicked little adventure getting to the Cancer Agency. I'll get my radiation done, and we'll have an adventure getting home, too.
I'll try desperately to get a nap in when we get home, since Carol-Ann's staff party is tonight, and part of me would love to go, since all of those people have been so supportive of our situation. With the snow, and my situation, I'd doubt that we would go, though.
In interest of full disclosure (here we go again), I did sleep very little last night. I'm still on the couch in the TV room -- Carol-Ann is sleeping in our spare room downstairs, just to be close as she can while still being comfortable -- and this blustery hacking had its way with me. There was a bright spot -- I got to watch a couple of Dog The Bounty Hunters, and a couple Law and Orders. (Next up .. Law and Order: THE CANCER.) And I got to brush up on my Madden 11. (I told you I didn't sleep very much.)
I'll take off now, but I'll bring a camera and maybe get some pics for later in the day.
Stay tuned.


  1. Dawwwwwg!!! Come on... You got some Dog in. You, me, Broadway Earls and Dog! The first time we met. How awesome is that?! Ok... I know you need sleep more than you need A&E and all its wonderful offerings... but still.

    Have a great day with Ron... And I do hope you feel more feisty this evening.

    See you soon. x

  2. Dude, guys downtown are all reading.
    Keep kickign its ass!!