Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sick and tired and tired and sick: Radiation is kicking my butt, but I'm ready to battle

I'm struggling.
I was having an OK day prior to getting home from radiation at about 3:30 p.m. My chest tightened up then, leaving me more than a little uncomfortable. I'm back to taking as much medication as I can get away with, and I haven't been like that since I left the hospital.
To make matters worse, I twisted my right knee some time over the last couple of days. I've got bruising and it gave way on me during a trip to the bathroom. I've reverted back to the walker, from the cane, for the time being.
I'm not sure exactly what I did to the knee. I stumbled on a patch of ice walking back to the car from lunch yesterday. Or it could be from something else.
I didn't have much energy this morning, but still did my pool walking, with Carol-Ann's dad, Ron, cheering me on. Considering how much I had in the tank, I hustled pretty well for the 40 minutes.
Ron and I then met up with Ann Schmaltz, she of News 1130 fame, for lunch, and had a good time, which left me upbeat for tanning.
We've been lucky with pain through this. I know that.
I also know that I'm going to fight my way through to feeling better again. I'm ready to battle.
Humour is on hiatus for now. But it won't be for long.

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