Saturday, November 20, 2010

To whom it may concern: Cancer made him do it

An open letter to the woman miffed at my friend Marc Weber because he's had to put in some extra hours at work and hasn't be able to spend time her,

Hi. First off, I heard that a dinner date with Marc a couple of weeks ago went askew because he was late getting away from the Vancouver Giants' game.
He's too good a guy to say it, but it was because he was babysitting me. He wasn't simply tardy.
What I'm trying to say is don't the hate player, hate THE CANCER.
Since I'm on the Province's disabled list (Solitary Plasmacytoma, week-to-week), Marc has taken on covering junior hockey as well, along with the growing demands of the MLS-bound Vancouver Whitecaps and our new web-based Soccer Academy.
Everyone at the plant (I've always wanted to use that term about the office...yes, I'm in a better mood today) would understand if Marc phoned it in on the hockey, did the bare minimum. He's that busy right now with the Whitecaps and the Academy. He has too much pride to let that happen, though. That's a big part of it. I think, too, he knows I'm emotionally invested in the beat and I think he wants me to not worry about the coverage.
That Friday, too, he wanted to drive me home, instead of Carol-Ann coming to get me. He wanted to give my poor wife a little time off.
He's a good guy. I'm very lucky.
Lots of good people have been checking in on me. Vancouver 2010 gold medal women's hockey coach Melody Davidson (Shameless name drop) read my snarly Friday blog and fired me off a long email about her awful Friday was. A flight snafu meant that she missed being in Ottawa to accept the prestigious Jack Donohue Award -- it's a huge deal for any coach, but particularly a women's hockey coach.
Yes, she made a guy with THE CANCER feel a guilty.
My buddy Gary from Abbotsford, who's battling away with his own stuff,  also managed to track me down. Sounds like he's too pretty well -- had dinner at the Keg. Good for him.
As for me, I'm swollen and sore in the shoulders, but it's standard radiation stuff. (Friday was No. 14. We're going 25.) I'm been taking extra pain killers for the past two or three days. I hadn't had to do that for a couple of weeks, but we've been told all along that something like this was on the horizon.
The plan is to go to the pool again today, with Carol-Ann and her father.
And, Miss Whateveryournamemightbe, I'm going to track down Marc and see how he's doing. Hopefully you're there when I call and you can put a voice to THE CANCER.



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  1. As someone whose continued employment has, at various times, depended on the passion both Steve and Marc have for their jobs, let me just say that the Giants, Whitecaps, Province -- and yes, the mystery woman -- are lucky to have them.