Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rolling down the 'roid road

That's my least favourite word in this little cancer episode right now. It's a steroid and doctors have me on it to cut down on inflammation around my spinal cord. It seems to be working, but the apparent side effects are bothering me. (Here's a little background here and here.) 
My buddy, Carla McAloney, mentioned that I'm a little more edgy than normal. Carol-Ann says I'm cussing more than normal, and I have to agree. 
Could it be the stress of the cancer? Could it be the frustration of not walking? Could it be flat-out coincidence? All of the above. Dex could also be at play, too. 
I'm 40 years old. If I want to cuss more, I can cuss more, just along as the company is appropriate. I don't want to cuss more. I've always wanted to be looked at as a classy guy, or a classier guy. That's always been something I've strived to. Thinking about it, especially after talking to Carol-Ann last night, I don't like where I'm at in that regard right now.
It's something Carol-Ann and I are going to watch for over the next few days, and I'd like to see somebody at the Cancer Agency next week and see where they think my head is at. 
Dex may also be cutting into my sleep. That's another of the problems. I got only about four hours last night. The last few nights have been about the same. I need more, especially now. 
At least we are already into a four-week wind-down on the Dex. I'll be happy when it's over.
Carol-Ann and I have decided to take it easy today and we're going to hold off any guests. I don't think we've had a day without guests since we got home Oct. 30 and we were busy with visitors for all 11 nights there.
We're so lucky. Most people don't have our support. We're so grateful. We just need a break to re-charge ourselves. I'm sure people will get it. (Yes, this means I'm skipping the Vancouver Giants-Prince Geoge Cougars' game tonight in Vancouver. Too bad. I'd like to watch Vancouver rebound after how mediocre they were against the Chilliwack Bruins, and Prince George GM Dallas Thompson has quietly built a team that can hang.)
We'll probably watch the Vancouver Canucks-Toronto Maple Leafs, although we may go watch my nephew play field lacrosse in the afternoon, too. Carol-Ann loves her sports. Thank my lucky f-ing stars. (LOL. Even DEXED up, I've still got it.) After that, we might go to the pool and see if I can splash around a little bit. 

In parting...this has been a little melancholy by previous CTTWH (yes, we can abbreviate now) and we can't leave you with the melancholy. (Can't Leave You With The Melancholy sounds like a Def Leppard ballad.) 
So...Province assistant sports editor J.J Adams called last week and asked one simple question: "Is your funeral going to be open casket, because I'm squeamish."

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  1. Hey Steve....glad you are taking it easy today....let us know when you are up to having visitors, Grant and I would like to come by!!
    Take care. Tracey