Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Short but sour: radiation rundown keeps this blog to a minimum and sends this scribe to bed

Oh, I was an artsy writer and I didn't even know it.
My line about my tumour needing a nap? Well, considering how the effects of radiation sucker punched me today and have left me woozy, we might consider that line a literary device smarty pants people like to call foreshadowing.
Yes, I'm getting sleepy. Very sleepy.
My high school buddy Arnie Sison, he of the "you're a big man baby," and "this is the worst wet t-shirt contest," drove me to radiation today, but I was too lethargic to get into any shenanigans with him. Yes, it was a waste. And J.D. Watt, one of my all-time favourite Vancouver Giants who's currently with the Calgary Flames' Abbotsford Heat affiliate, wanted to come over, and I had to tell him that it didn't work because of my energy. J.D. is good people; he'll understand. 
I just feel like I'm in a fog.

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